Our Health Programs

ECHO partners with several well-established Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in Bangladesh to deliver health care services to the most vulnerable people. ECHO also funds medical equipment for partner hospitals in rural areas. We eliminate the cost and time required for patients to travel far away from their communities which can be a great burden for these underprivileged people. Some of the healthcare services provided by ECHO through our local partners are described below.

Healthcare for Pregnant and Nursing MothersEven though childhood malnutrition has been declining in Bangladesh,

child and maternal health in economically disadvantaged communities continues to be a major concern.

As a result, child and maternal health care has become an important focus of ECHO's health programs.

ECHO works to ensure healthy pregnancies and deliveries through reproductive health education, training for birth attendants, and providing antenatal/postnatal care by medically-trained providers.

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